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and the Cigsor app features.
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You are on the way and want to see where a cigar lounge is located nearby.


The Cigsor Cigar Lounge Locator already lists more than 400 lounges across Europe. 

​Updated and expanded constantly.

Only cigar lounges with photos 
​are listed in our locator.

You finally want to see where you are going.

The cigar lounges marked 
​with ​"Cigsor selected" correspond to our definition of a selected cigar lounge.

A nice atmosphere, well maintained furniture, good ventilation,

a place where you like to stay.

Cigsor users can add their own cigar lounges in the Cigsor app.
These are checked by our team and released promptly.

Many European countries do not allow the sale of cigars in lounges.
Therefore, such cigar lounges are listed, where you
​ also ​can enjoy your own cigars.

We are constantly keeping the cigar lounges up to date. 

​Mistakes and outdated information can creep in anyway.

We are happy about every input. 

Please contact us
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